Friday, March 23, 2007

Mid County Post Cover Story

When Linda called with interest about the Capitola Classic. I imagined a little black and white story that would get sandwiched between a bunch of ad's never to be found. I never imagined this old photo would be making the cover decades after the race. I still have that board. I bought it from a good friend named Miko at this little store that was at the bottom of the race hill, called Wings, Waves and Wheels in Capitola. Miko and I still skate when we can between being parents and working full time. Lately I've been running cones with Mike "Smiley" Goldman who still carves it up. His son Jamie is a professional mountain bike rider who rides for Giro. We laugh and skate thinking who'd of thought we still be enjoying it at our age.

Skater for Life!

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