Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Capitola Classic

Will it be a downhill race? Slalom race? Street skate? Decade’s later people still talk about this race. I am going to try and revive it. There are slalom and downhill races going on throughout the US and Worldwide. When they had skate events in the streets of Capitola it was a great community gathering for both young and old. The Capitola Classic event received international attention and people that were there still talk about it over 25 years later. It brought lots of excitement and energy to the village and of course revenue. My first slalom race on this hill was 1975 I was 15. I’d like to help more young skaters to have a memorable experience like that at least once in their life.

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Anonymous said...

That hill is awesome! Especially from the top. It's to bad they put in those traffic islands. It have to be street contest, which is what it turned into anyways.